Looking For Artists

Do you have a craft you love? Do you make pieces you would love to sell? I have set up a new BLOG titled handcraftedbyus@wordpress.com

Jewelry is my thing along with photography what’s yours? I will do custom orders on jewelry.

My wish is that this blog will be for those who I follow with their own talents and would love to sell some of their pieces. How can we know unless we SHARE.

So gather your pretty items take some photos and add a post here on this BLOG and I will promote it all over

Wishing everyone many sales in the coming year!



5 thoughts on “Looking For Artists

  1. Garden Walk Garden Talk

    I wish I had the time to sell on a network of sites, but sadly my profession (architecture) keeps me from selling my art, photography and stained glass. No time left in the week. I have been contacted through my own blog though for my photography, which will be in a book in Ontario and also on cover art for an Indie band in Mexico. I have been doing well without ever even advertising. Good luck with your idea though. Grouping together with like artists should help.That is key. You will find some will far out sell others, so try to keep all involved on equal footing with similar abilities.

    1. nutsfortreasure Post author

      Yes just a type of co-op no competition just another way to show and tell and maybe sell. 🙂

      Congrats on all your success I am blown away each time someone pays big money for my photos but they say they love them in their homes 🙂 makes me smile.


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