Fused Glass Bracelet(little better photo)

This piece started out as a pile of  fusible glass stacked in layers then set into my kiln where the temperatures would climb until I like the look of the colors as they melted down and joined each other in a liquid state.  I then let it cool also known as annealing so the glass would be strong and solid and not shatter.  I then cut this sheet of glass with my saw made just for this type of work.  The pieces were then put back into the kiln for a full fire.  They would then be beautifully smooth to glue on to this gold toned bracelet blank made just for this type of project.
It has lots of Green, Gold and Bronze dichroic glass in this piece.  I am hoping you can see it in the photo attached.

The piece measures 8″ long with a total of 13 pieces of glass attached with glue, E6000, for glass and metal.

I am asking $15.00 for this piece.


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